Ghana: E.U. 7m support for peaceful 2012 Ghanaian elections

Posted on June 13, 2012


So Ghana has received a huge chunk of change to the tune of a 7m Euro from the E.U. This grant is to help ensure that the upcoming December elections go smoothly. You can read about it here.

Interesting that such a large amount would come from this donor for this purpose at this particular time when the E.U. itself is experiencing such a big financial crisis that unrest is plaguing its own streets.

Now what happens to the money? I hope civil society here in Ghana can tap into the windfall to help promote peaceful elections. Maybe, just maybe, the Ghana Hotels Association could come up with an idea to represent its position that if violence does break out Ghana’s budding tourism industry will come to a stand still. How about a photographic exhibition of all those Malian, Nigerian, Kenyan-coast north of Malindi, Ivorian etc. hospitality establishments languishing empty…cause that’s what will happen here in Ghana if trouble erupts!

Already on this blog, I’ve suggested projects for two active civil society institutions here in Ghana:

First, how about the Alliance francaise/British Council applying for funding, if they need it, to host the Ivorian street artist. An exhibition of this guy’s work will surely sensitize Ghanaians as to the consequences if the election goes crazy!

And then the second suggestion, organizing in Accra a Rotary Ghana Peace Conference to compliment the Rotary International “Peace through Service” theme.

The only question that remains is…is there provision for civil society groups to apply for funding or are the three identified groups the sole beneficiaries?