Posted on June 18, 2012


You know me. I’m obsessed by signs, missing directional signs, signs hanging unpaid for and illegally. And why shouldn’t I. We live in the sign city of West Africa, not the Garden City of West Africa. There are signs everywhere, even there are large signs adjacent to businesses pointing to the businesses from across the street. Don’t you think that such signs should pay higher advertising rates to the Advertising Officers attached to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly sub metros?

Here are just two of the big mothers in this neighbourhood pointing to businesses across the street!

But that’s not what I wanted to write about….it’s this sign:


You know I always wanted to be a sign proofreader. Here, if somebody hung out a shingle, I think they would make a fortune. There are more signs nowadays and what with the slipping standards of education more errors.

Now look where the sign is….right behind the famous “Leaning sign of Kumasi”. And it’s right at the carwash advertised on banners hung illegally and unpaid for.

Afirican Market sign and The Leaning Sign of Kumasi

Incidentally, just to follow-up on the car wash banner hanging outside Four Villages Inn. Three weeks later, it’s still there despite a week of texting to the Advertising Officer of the Nhysiaeso Sub Metro.

Well, today I’m off to the Nhyiaeso Sub Metro with a letter to the Advertising Officer, copy to his boss the Director of the Sub Metro, in hand. Guess I should have done that in the first place.

And oh yes, the car wash banner and the Afirican Market originate from the same business owner.

K Appiah car wash banner

And lastly, ‘Afirican’ has been corrected. ‘African’ has been pasted on top! Yeah!

More later….