Posted on June 19, 2012


Soon I’ll be posting something on a certain highway here in Ghana being named after a certain American president…

but in the meantime, a little background…

In Ahodwo, a neighbouring upmarket first class residential area, there’s ONE road that has THREE different names!

It starts out named for Eddie Ofori Kuragu, whose family owns and operates Cozy Lodge/Chicken. Eddie is now a member of parliament.

Ofori Kuragu Avenue

It continues close to the Oasis of Love Church/School as Kwabena Darko Avenue. Kwabena Darko is owner of Darko Farms and is a former Member of the Council of State.

Kwabena Darko Ave

And finally it ends as Dr. C. Berko Road as it passes Dr. Berko’s Washie Hospital.

Dr. C. Berko Road

Just so ya know I’m not pulling your leg, enlarge this last picture and look carefully at the street sign in the background. What name do ya see? You got it Kwabena Darko Avenue!

Now, why would one street carry three people’s names? Is it because they are well-known? Yes! But why isn’t the street named after just one of these three personages?

And then again, lots of streets are named after people few people know, like Kwami Asiama in the last photo.

So what is the determining factor why certain streets or sections of streets are named after certain people?

Answer in the next post on the highway……

And hey, you people at Google, patience…this is Ghana (TIG).