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Recently in madinghana’s little corner of the world, a banner was hung between a speed bump pole and a telephone pole. For nearly a month I have been trying to get authorities to remove it. See the related article “Car wash Wars” below.

My last effort saw me go to the office of the Advertising Officer of the Nhyiaeso Sub Metro with the following letter copied to the Director of the Sub Metro.

TEL. NOS: 233-(0)-3220-2272

June 18, 2012

Mr. Emmanuel,
Advertising Officer
Nhyiaeso Sub Metro

Dear Sir:


On Sunday March 27, the above mentioned banner was strung to a speed bump sign pole and a telephone outside Four Villages Inn on Melcom Road between Ahodwo and Daban. Needless to say, the banner does not carry the KMA approval number.

On Monday, March 28, I telephoned you to lodge a complaint about the banner requesting that it be removed. There has been no action on your part.

On Monday, June 4, I commenced sending you daily text messages concerning the banner hanging illegally and unpaid for.

The following week I remained silent hopefully giving you an opportunity to reflect on the situation. There still has been no action on your part.

Now I have put my request in writing. Please remove the banner. And might I humbly request that you survey your area to cut down other banners hanging from public utility poles. The beauty of our city must be protected as much as possible.

You might like to read my two posts on the subject on my madinghana blog-see address in the letterhead. One is entitled Car wash wars dated June 7 and the other is entitled Kumasi: Signs of the Times dated today June 18th.

Yours truly,

Chris Scott
c.c. Director, Nhyiaeso Sub Metro

Well Emmanuel, the Advertising Officer, wasn’t there. So I talked to a lady in the next office who didn’t seem to know who Emmanuel was until I mentioned his title. Learning that he was absent, I said I would go see his boss in the other building. She asked what the matter was. She said she was Emmanuel’s boss. I described my complaint and showed her a picture of the carwash banner explaining it was hanging from a speed bump pole and a telephone pole and not paid for. She said that it had been paid for.I said if it was paid for there would be the K.M.A. number at the bottom! She asked me what I wanted and I said the sign removed. I went to the main building to see the Director of the Sub Metro who, not surprisingly, wasn’t there!

Now, look…another banner hanging in front of Four Villages Inn!

KMA Approved Banner on street sign pole

Now, believe me, the school sign just went up! And look at the bottom of the banner. This one is approved. Guess I’ll just have to write another letter and go again to the KMA Nhyiaeso Sub Metro. Hope they act quickly because this banner impedes vision of cars coming down the hill from Daban.

More next time….

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