Ghana: Rights Groups Demand Immediate Passage of RTI Bill

Posted on June 23, 2012


The right to information is crucial to guarantee transparency and accountability in governance at every level of society, from the national to the local. The bill has been before parliament since 2010, and despite the assurance of the present government in power, it remains not passed. Rights groups are duly anxious for without its assent before elections, it would be further delayed or perhaps maybe even scuttled. An impressive collection of rights groups is bringing pressure on the government to get the bill passed before the December 7th elections.

Here’s a detailed background story on the situation as it stands now.

Of course, not only would such a bill be of great benefit to the press and human rights groups on national issues; but also, under its provisions, ordinary citizens/taxpayers could also demand reports etc. about local, municipal affairs from specific departments. For instance, one could ask for the inspection report on a certain structure that the person has brought to the attention of local authorities. This would be especially the case if the inspection was not carried out for one reason or the other. As it stands now, there is no further recourse when the official says that the inspection was not carried out for a questionable reason.