Posted on June 30, 2012


Yes, on October 26, Akrokerri Teacher Training College, that’s how I know it, will be celebrating its fiftieth birthday since its inception back in 1962. I was there from 1973 to 1979. It was a wonderful six years working at a wonderful institution staffed by dedicated professionals from all over this world of ours.


I was mentioning the event to Coach, a walking buddy of mine and a past student of Akrokerri. He asked when the event would be and remarked that many would be in attendance included an illustrious past student, the now District Chief Executive (D.C.E.) for Manso Nkwanta. My ears perked up because that’s the site of the Millennium Villages Project, the Bompaaso Cluster. This is the U.N. project based on Jeffrey Sachs model of development. I had just read an article describing how the whole effort was being jeopardized by galamsey, that’s illegal gold mining! And a lot of it being done by Chinese! So where’s Akrokerri’s past graduate teacher in all this? Naive ole madinghana always thought that people who chose the teaching profession were a cut above the rest. After all, we, along with the family, are charged with the grave responsibility of imparting values and morals to the next generation through our example and our words….

So, I googled Akrokerri and here’s what I noted that I will be looking out for when I go in October. First, of course, the general upkeep of the place. In the 70’s under the principalship of founder the late Mr. E.S.P. Akoto, the college was immaculately kept when we were there. In fact it was a virtual botanical gardens. However, in September, 2010, this letter appeared on the Joy News site. I’ve emailed the author, Mr James Bannerman, telling him I hope to meet him at the event so we can both revel in the splendid surroundings.

One place I’m sure to visit will be the LIBRARY. For all those years, as Head of the English Department, I held the position of Library Tutor. I spent a lot of hours in that room. In 1996, I returned for the first time to find the library little changed since my time….I’ll check out the new additions in 2005 mentioned here. You wonder though just how much this country slips behind when there is no access to current knowledge through up-to-date books.

But then there are computers and apparently a computer lab was established around the same time in 2005. So I’ll check that out too.