MADinGhana June, 2012 Review: WHAT A MONTH!

Posted on July 1, 2012


Not only was it a great month at FOUR VILLAGES INN, but I think madinghana broke a record for the number of posts in a month, or if not that, the number of controversial posts……maybe there’s a correlation between success in work and self expression…Anyways, in June MADinGhana hit the 400 posts mark….all original.

Now let me tell you, the first email I opened in July was a comment on my post THE NEW AFRICAN MAGAZINE IS NOT AFRICAN, a post which garnered the most hits The madinghana blog has ever received over the following two days after the post! The comment simply read “TRUE”. What a way to start off July!

Well, not according to Akua Djanie, a.k.a. Blak Kofe, who wrote the George Bush Highway column and sent me a facebook message:

“Hi Chris, Read ur piece on New African n jus wanted to let y knw I lived in Gh frm March 1995-April-2012! N yes I’m Akua Djanie! I think 17 years on da ground gives me ground to talk abt issues in my country.”

And then there was the comment on the blog:
Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 8:12 am
I lived in Ghana from March 1995 – April 2012!

Seems like I touched an exposed raw nerve! Now the question remains, does 17 years residency in a country qualify you to write a column on issues in that country. Well first you have to choose the issue…and who gives a shit about the name of a highway…nobody here cares if George Bush duped his people and went to war for no valid reason…then again maybe the people who Akua hung around with while she was in Ghana did. She sure wasn’t informed by the average person on the street.

And does living in the bubble that is Accra qualify as “on da ground”?

Anyways, my reply was a gracious: “Looking forward to your next column.”

Lots happening here, Akua, like:

(1) the upcoming election-Will the peace hold?
and (2) Woyome-hey Akua can tie in the protests in U.K. where she might be now…just to name two issues….

Now in follow-up to posts on madinghana during the month of June:

…..still no directional sign on the new southern by-pass road to Ahodwo from Anloga junction on the Accra Road.

…..still the banners hang from the utility poles outside Four Villages Inn….

…..still no start to the work on Kumasi Airport’s runway lights

…..still no plea for peace in the upcoming elections from the Ghana Hotels Association

…..still no passage of the RTI (Right to Information) Bill

…..still no dialogue on scrapping short-term tourist VISAS to Ghana

…..still the old 2010 Forbes article purporting that Ghana has the 9th Worst Economy in the World is being posted on-line here

and oh yes…..still blogger Baahduodu is posting….you go and see. I feel like visiting his 1,171 followers to question their pushing the like button….OK OK I am jealous…he hit 25 posts in June! Gawd, help us, he’s a copying and pasting at a furious rate on his fancy every link in the book blog! But he still never reacted to my latest scathing salvo…

Hey, Akua, two ideas for issues…(1) stonewalling in Ghana
(2) the Medium is the Message in Ghana’s Blogosphere…too much focus on tech and not enough on content and that’s why some bloggers in Ghana are always copying and we are always being commented on from the outside.