Posted on July 4, 2012


UNESCO world heritage emblem

It’s not all bad news from UNESCO-see previous post where there’s mention of the dire situation in Timbuktu, Mali. Twenty-six sites have just been added. But none from Ghana. We’ve just got two: the forts and castles along the coast from Keta to Beyin, added in 1979 and the Asante architecture at Besiase near Kumasi, added in 1980. Yes, the last one was added in 1980. Nothing since then! A number of sites were proposed in 2000:
Mole National Park (2000)
Tenzug – Tallensi settlements (2000)
Navrongo Catholic Cathedral (#) (2000)
Nzulezu Stilt Settlement (2000)
Trade Pilgrimage Routes of North-Western Ghana (2000)
Kakum National Park (Assin Attandanso Reserve) (#) (2000)

But 12 years have passed and still nothing…..Just what is Ghana Commission for UNESCO doing?

But it’s this I want to bring your attention to. I call it the CAPITAL TRAP, an addition to the 4 traps that the Paul Collier’s bottom billion fall into. Just read the description on the UNESCO site for the Forts and Castles in Ghana.

So, notice any bias, any omissions…..

And lastly, congratulations to Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast, for its inscription this year.

But let’s bring the celebration closer to home with mention of a past guest, Els Slot, whose passion was to visit ever UNESCO site in the world. And that’s what brought her to Kumasi and Four Villages Inn.

In case you didn’t read the whole post, it finishes with, “Just where is the leadership in the tourism sector?”

Anyways, let’s hope Els doesn’t have to wait too long to return to Ghana.