GOOGLE CSR Campaign “Legalizing Love” Highjacked & INEFFECTIVE

Posted on July 9, 2012



I had wanted to title the post “Google CSR “Legalizing Love” Campaign Launch a Cock-up”….but sensitive souls here might have got upset…

This past weekend Google’s latest campaign “LEGALIZE LOVE” went viral. Here’s The Washington Post’s story to give you some background. First, it’s NOT about legalizing gay marriage as I first read, but’s all about protecting Google employees in homophobic countries where being gay is illegal, like in Ghana.

The article only mentions Poland and Singapore, and yet it is supposed to be targeting the most homophobic countries in the world. So why didn’t Google even mention Africa or specific countries where there are strong Google/Google+ connections, like Ghana where Google just launched YoutubeGhana at the end of June, and where again homosexuality is criminalized.

Anyways, madinghana has been busy tweeting with two Ghanaian internet gurus. You can view the conversation @madinghana @abocco and @XytNow.

@abocco is Ato Ulzen-Appiah who is THE MAN behind two wonderful curations here in Ghana #Barcamp Ghana and #Ghana. When I first saw the announcement of the campaign I sent him the following tweet to start the conversation:

chris scott ‏@madinghana
@Abocco, campaign in homophobic countries r u google+ gurus in Accra going to promote it here? What do u feel about this campaign?

You can read the replies.

Well, I came close to falsely accusing abocco of censorship, but I believe he really didn’t see the announcement. Hardly anybody did because again Google ironically didn’t put key words like Africa or the many country names. What an oversite, excuse the spelling, it would be if Google has an office in Uganda. As well none of the internet news sites here in Ghana picked up the item as well.

Anyways, lets see if any of the Ghana’s Paperli automated sites publish the correct information on the campaign now….or abocco and XytNow write blog posts on the situation stating their positions and feelings.