Posted on July 15, 2012


OK, OK….I know I’m dreaming….

Early Sunday morning…first the birds…then….the church at Apraman and that’s even past Daban up the hill! We had heard the ranting yesterday out on our early morning walk in the neighbourhood. The yelling had even reached the two uncompleted structures owned by the Asantehene which are rumoured to be turned into guest houses. Hope He hurries up and finishes them so He can bring the full brunt of the palace against the culprit….Oh, if all the uncompleted houses were finished by the Diaspora who returned and lived and worked here. Then we could have a community, a neighbourhood, an association to calm down the Christian bullies and their agenda…

But actually, somebody else must have got proactive, some diasporan I bet maybe back on his summer holiday to continue finishing his “project”, which invariably is his house to come back to die in….

Anyways, I’m spurred to write this post after reading a U.K. newspaper article buried in the Music News section of today’s The Telegraph. In a nutshell, two giants of western culture, Bruce Springsteen and Sir Paul McCarthy, got their plugs pulled during a concert…. THE RULE OF LAW RULES!…..at least sometimes.

Now you know where I’m going with this….Could this happen in Ghana? Let’s say Kojo Antwi and Sorkodie were sharing a stage…first nobody would know that a curfew could exist except for in times of political/tribal turbulence ….and what time the curfew would come into effect for which area…nobody would be forewarned and if so, nobody would be on weekend duty at E.P.A. or the Environmental Health Department of the municipal authority to carry out any action.

And what’s more, the calibrator to measure the decibels is BROKEN!