Posted on August 8, 2012


U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

1. Attend funeral of late President J.A.E. Mills and mourn with the Nation.

2. Convey President Obama and the First Lady’s sincere condolences mentioning their fond memories of their July 2009 visit to Ghana.

3. Congratulate Ghana on the smooth transition of executive power after the death of the President.

4. Celebrate Ghana’s progress over the past twenty years of democratic rule. Remind nation that the eyes of the world will be on Ghana during her upcoming elections in December.

5. Reiterate American enthusiasm for the passage of The Right to Information Act by the Ghanaian Parliament.

6. State Department Official responsible for justice issues: Enter into high level discussions on the incident in Wa, Upper West Region, involving the death of an armed robber stabbed by a Peace Corps volunteer and the subsequent escalation of the incident.

7. State Department Official responsible for commercial activities: Investigate the rumoured situation at the American cocoa processing company A.D.M. in Kumasi. Enquire about production levels and what could possibly account for steep declines in processing, if that be the case.