Ghana tax collection?

Posted on August 19, 2012



This poster that appeared on THE NEW GHANA facebook page has prompted me to write this post.

Last night, Four Villages Inn guests went out to eat with other friends staying elsewhere in Kumasi at an eatery here in Kumasi. They were twenty in all. This morning I asked one of our guests how their evening was. He complained about paying ‘obroni price’, that’s the higher price sometimes or often paid by expats. Anyways, I was more interested in the receipt they got….apparently it wasn’t the official embossed government VAT receipt.

Now you do the math…Gh cedi 85 x 20. Now take 15% of that total. That represents the VAT.

A healthy chunk of change, isn’t it?

I posted the poster on Twitter and Facebook and commented “and get a VAT receipt to strengthen government health and education programs and services.”

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