GHANA Minister of Tourism Sena Dansua loses seat!

Posted on August 20, 2012


Yes, my suspicions have been confirmed. Sena Dansua has gone down to defeat in her own riding. You can read all the details here, but suffice it to say madinghana is experiencing a great feeling of confirmation.

Recently, The New Ghana facebook page displayed this poster:

and yours truly has been tweeting the poster along with what I hope are creative suggestions. Here they are:

-Min. of Tourism 4 1 day: commission a local film co. to make promo video spot and run on CNN

-Ghana Min of Tourism 4 1 day-like Benin agree with S.A. 2 scrap tourist visas for citizens visiting each other’s country

-Min. Of Tourism for a Day-completely throw out 1% tourism tax idea yet to be implemented in Ghana

-monitor and CONTROL hotel prices in ACCRA. Ghana is fast getting a reputation as a high cost destination.

-Initiate a pilot project: Scrap short-term tourist visas to Ghana

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