Posted on October 1, 2012


This picture appeared on the facebook page of a tourism official, name totally unimportant.

Now here is the conversation which is in the public domain:

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—————-Movenpick Accra!
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Christopher Scott And what did this set you back? Sorry but I will never establish a value chain with Movenpick because it is out of the pocket book of the Four Villages Inn foreign tourist clientèle. See how business and aid travellers on a per diem can undermine a tourism industry.
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——————Sir. Is it not the case where exquisite service. As you can see:) with the touch of class should be valued and paid for by the patrons:) as long as they make lodgers feel exceedingly comfortable is something you do at Four villas and another reason to involve them in the value chain. Could help in some reasons:)
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—————— *seasons
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Christopher Scott Good day, friend __________. The patrons don’t pay-their companies and organizations do-and it is scandalous! Exquisite service and offering comfort does not have to come at such a high price here. It shatters the value chain here and it kills the tourism industry, not business travel. That is my opinion.
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Me now: Oh, I do get_____________upset….it’s just that it seems FOREIGN is valued and BIG is valued….and celebrated here….The Movenpick is a 5 star Arab concern…..

What’s been happening here is that all the big foreign high-end hotels are driving the hotel rates up of their more modest, low-end, local counterparts…and it will only get worse when more oil money enters the system thus further solidifying Accra’s and thus Ghana’s high cost destination status.

An aside: Years ago I visited Hong Kong with my daughter. At that time Chinese nationals were just starting to be allowed to visit the island. The Hong Kong officials were expecting a deluge of visitors. So that the market would not be sabotaged by increased prices, legislation was passed to freeze hotel prices.

I was impressed. Proactive governance!

Anyways, another picture appeared on my facebook page….

This picture was taken at a very popular upbeat Ghanaian restaurant that I have been hearing a lot about since it opened in July called THE REPUBLIC BAR AND GRILL

I sent this picture to the same tourism official, and wrote that I sure would like to have a value chain relationship with The Republic Bar and Grill and that he might like to share our conversation with other professionals working on the Value Chain Analysis of the Ghanaian Tourism Sector, especially the members of the Dutch N.G.O. working on the study, who missed our first Ashanti Region meeting.

Anyways, I share the conversation….I just read over the post before publishing. My! I am fearful for our fledgling tourism industry in Ghana. Hope I don’t lose my facebook friend (s), but respond I must.