WSJ. October Issue-Zimbabwe Travel Article.

Posted on October 5, 2012


“DAMN GUEST!” I shouldn’t write that, but that sure gets your attention. No, lovely guest leaving the latest issue of The Wall Street Journal. Magazine NO. 29 October 2012/Europe. But, OH, to see a 10 page colour spread on Zimbabwe! Painful. When Ghana, this dynamic, pulsating, safe country gets little or no exposure on the world travel market.

Needless to say, the Zimbabwe spread features game parks and the obroni(white) guides who go out and trek the game with the tourists. That’s the sell.

What’s the big sell here in Ghana? How do we brand Ghana? Surely not pictures of big, luxurious, foreign hotels or fancy beach resorts where you can only swim safely in the pool….

No, Ghana is a developing nation with fascinating friendly people that you don’t have to spirited away from to secluded game reserves. It’s our markets; it’s our villages; it’s our forests and our savannah and our desert; it’s our wild beaches and ocean; it’s our tribes and their heritages.

That’s the handle. That’s what makes Ghana Ghana!

Before on this blog, I have bemoaned the lack feature articles in the world press., and I will again.