Rotary Meetings & Kumasi Airport Closure

Posted on October 12, 2012


For years now, our Kumasi East Rotary Club has been saying that our meetings are “borrrrr ing” since we only ever have one thing on the agenda “Projects”. Our visiting Assistant Governor confirmed this kindly commenting that our meetings were too “formal”

This is what transpired after her comment as reflected in the minutes that follow:

Rtn. Dei implored members to brainstorm on remedies to boring meetings.
-Rtn. 4 Villages also commented on how people in authority take hasty decisions, for instance
the closure of the Kumasi Airport without prior notice, touching on the multiplier effects on
passengers and other businesses. Some members also commented on this matter
-IPP Tony encouraged members to talk about issues affecting the club, people in Kumasi and
Ghana as a whole. Nana Yaw added people talk about issues without action.

I also mentioned a discussion the club had after there was loss of life in the city after flooding caused by blocked rivers and drains by illegal structures.

This prompted Assistant Governor SO2 to volunteer to talk about NATIONAL PLANNING as he sits on a national planning committee. I am really looking forward to this talk. In fact, I have another post in the works on the very subject. It’s prompted by another irregularity just up the road that really makes a mockery of the Town and Country Planning Department and the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly’s Develop Control Unit.

But getting back to the Kumasi Airport closure, here’s what I posted on my facebook page:

“unscheduled disruption of service @ Kumasi airport. Everyone loses, travellers, businesses. Comment: sometimes I think the public service intentionally tries to screw the private sector here in Ghana, particularly when things have been going good. just a thought….”

One thing for sure, there is always so much to talk about in Kumasi and Ghana that our Rotary meetings don’t have to be boring. So hopefully there will be a section of the meetings devoted to local and national affairs.