Posted on October 18, 2012


The government is pushing for synergy between regions, 4 in particular-Accra, Central, Ashanti and Western. Ha! Not when Accra gobbles up all arrivals and spits its tourists out for day trips. Enough.

I’m realistic…the closer the value the stronger the link in the chain. Here’s an example…I discovered a new bakery. I had gone there, bought a loaf of wheat bread and wow it was great. So I went again and introduced myself, but there wasn’t any wheat bread left.

A short time passed and I was actually going there yesterday morning when Sandy showed up on his motor scooter in uniform no less!

WHAT A SHOCK! Somebody, a business, actually getting proactive. He actually said that he would deliver, but I said I was going to pass by that morning which I did when I got the picture above. Now I have a standing order for 5 loaves every Wednesday.
Here are their details. Also, it’s also a great place to drop in for a cup of real ground coffee, like FOUR VILLAGES INN!