Posted on October 18, 2012


And wouldn’t I be remiss if I didn’t mention Kumasi’s premier meat processor FOUR VILLAGES INN meats that has just renewed its awning? Needless to say, Four Villages Inn Meats supplies Four Villages Inn with its famous beef and pork breakfast sausages. Now here’s a strong value added link between two quality businesses! What Ghana needs to develop….

Here’s Four Villages Inn’s Meats original flyer-note where the wide range of products is available and “not available” for that matter. One day I hope that son Frank, who operates this business, starts his own blog to detail the trials and tribulations doing business in Ghana, production as opposed to providing a service such as Four Villages Inn..

And here’s the more up-to-date, modest flyer. No “not available at” listed here although there is a big obvious one…but that’s not for me to tell the world…..again one day, I hope.