Posted on November 5, 2012


You know I’m big on receipts, especially the issuing of official VAT receipts for money destined for government coffers-see post 1 and post 2 on the subject- and business receipts to ensure the money goes to the business and NOT in somebody’s pocket.

Here are two stories that illustrate receipt anomalies:

1. I took a guest to the Kumasi Airport and helped him through the check-in. We knew he was over the 20 kg weight limit for the domestic flight to Accra. In fact, he was over by another 20 kg that he would check through on his international flight later that night.

So, we are met at the check-in by an agent wearing a Ghana Civil Aviation identification badge. He weighed the luggage, noted the overweight, quoted the cost per Kg overweight and the total.

My guest asked for a receipt and the agent left, returned and said the overweight had been waived and asked what my guest could do for him.

My guest was so aghast that he just passed over the GH C 5 he had intended to give the agent anyways. The agent then proceeded to follow my guest out to the waiting room tent outside the terminal building indicating that it was not enough.

2. I took two guests to a Ghana Museum and Monuments administered attraction site. The site guide tried to give my guests two old receipts that were just lying on the table at the entrance to the site. They were the customer part of the ticket stubs that required the guide to fill in the details of the visit on the portion kept by the site for their records.

Incidentally, this attraction site at Besease is one of two UNESCO sites in all of Ghana-probably the saddest in the world for more reasons than meet the eye-that needs so much attention on it!

UNESCO SITE Besease Traditional Shrine

Expect another post on this site. in relation to the last post GHANA TOURISM: NO POLITICAL WILL, this could be No. 7 example of government working against tourism….