Posted on November 21, 2012


Awhile back, on June 9th to be precise, I posted a plea on this blog for Rotary Ghana to consider organizing a conference celebrating peace in light of the upcoming elections on December 7, 2012 and the likelihood of a run-off for the position of president. I sent the post to many Rotarian leaders here in Ghana.

Well Rotary Ghana did hold a seminar here in Kumasi as a matter of fact, but it wasn’t for peace in keeping with the international Rotary theme of Peace through Service. It was actually an information session on the Rotary Foundation, a series of lectures with overheads provided by Rotary International, in short, set pieces. The only real local original input was from a club from Sunyani that has been really tapping into big-time foreign Rotary money much to the delight of everyone.

Anyways, just before the commencement of the seminar, one of the Accra Rotary organizers approached me and asked if I was the one who had posted a peace conference idea on his blog.

I said I was and that I thought this conference would have been more topical and relevant if it addressed the theme of peace in keeping with the Rotary International Theme of PEACE THROUGH SERVICE.

The lady said something was being organized and that the Presidents would know.

Neutralized….there was no way I was going to throw a wrench into the self-congratulatory mood following the seminar by expressing my dismay that more thought had not gone into the planning of Rotary events. After all, the proposal/suggestion came in June following the announcement of the Rotary International’s President, a Japanese gentleman, Sakuji Tanaka.

In actual fact, one of the first visits the new president made was to GHANA. Can’t you just hear the echo of the local Rotarians saying, “How appropriate your choice of themes given our pending elections at the end of the year.”

At my first Rotary Club of Kumasi East I raised the above and it was recorded in our minutes as

“Rotarian Four Villages also enquired about the Peace Seminar proposed by the club
for the upcoming Elections, stressing it is in tune with the Rotary theme for the year
Peace Through Service.”

Today, was the second meeting since the conference and again I raised the idea. Our Assistant Governor happened to be present and said that Rotary would be taking part in a Peace Walk this coming Saturday along with churches and other groups….She also suggested our Kumasi clubs go on the radio and promote peace…a lot of exposure that will give to the issue…


Guess my name will be mud in Rotary circles. Still we are all participating in civil society, the strength of which is determined by its ability to react positively to adverse criticism….from the inside.

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