Posted on December 4, 2012



Jackie shared another picture which I just shared on my Christopher Scott Facebook page “You can size somebody up by the bumper stickers.”

So what are my bumper stickers:

1. GIVE YOUR HORN A BREAK-I got this sticker from the nearby Environmental Protection Agency office. Noise pollution here in Kumasi is everywhere compromising the quality of life of everyone everywhere. Noise pollution has been discussed in many a post on this blog. Give it a search and you’ll see that it has been a never-ending battle. It has been a preoccupation with this innkeeper who tells all, especially municipal authorities, “At Four Villages Inn, we sell silence.”

2. THE ADINKRA SYMBOL BI NKA BI which means “bite not another” the symbol of peace and harmony”-I chose this sticker at Ntonsu, the Adinkra craft village for obvious reasons. Ghana is entering a stressful time as elections approach December 7. I lived here throughout the 1970’s, a turbulent time in Ghana’s history when the country was plagued by one coup d’etat after another. Surely we won’t return to those days of violence and strife….

3. 2012 BARACKOBAMA.COM – How relieved I was at his victory. I remember his visit to Ghana in 2009 when he lectured parliament here on corruption saying something to effect that if you skim 20% off the top-and that is the most conservative estimate I’ve ever heard-then who will vote for you. The topic of corruption has been very much a part of the campaigns of both major parties, both asserting that they will confront the issue head on….augh rhetoric….we shall see….

4. And last PROUD TO BE A ROTARIAN-lots of posts on my involvement with Rotary here which really is more like an NGO than a service club….the preoccupation being spending other people’s money. Yet there is hope as we at the Rotary Club of Kumasi East explore new avenues for community service.