Posted on January 12, 2013



On December 31 we took down our signboard in front of our guesthouse-see post Is this advertising? Here in Ghana a signboard in front of your property to locate you is considered advertising and is thus taxable. Thank you to Bob and Nana for their perspectives.Ugh.

Now, as pictured, we have a slab of concrete. Drivers can see it day and night since they have to slow down for a large speed bump just before the lane you make a right turn to Four Villages Inn. AND IT DOES THE TRICK!

It was in 2009 that the local sub metro started to collect this fee. Then it was GH40. In 2010, it went up to GH 50; 2011 to GH C 70 and now 2012 GH C100. And the notice was delivered December 10th. The reason for the delay given by the agent accompanied by a uniformed security guard, a nice word for muscle, was “We have been busy!”

Anyways I’ve decided to be proactive. What will the tax grab be in 2015 or whatever? More on this from a systemic perspective….i.e. why this tax grab by the little neighbourhood municipal offices scattered around the city. Tens of thousands if not millions of cedis are collected yearly for advertising, real advertising billboards and banners in Kumasi, which elsewhere on this blog I have renamed THE SIGN CITY OF WEST AFRICA.

There will be more on this issue trying to get the local Ashanti Region branch of the Ghana Hotels Association to get proactive as well.

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