Posted on January 22, 2013


Four Villages a.k.a. madinghana still flapping around Ashanti



Yes, you can imagine the consternation of the 15 birders to happen on a sighting of a real rare bird-an expatriate Canadian who has spent more than a third of his 66 years in Ghana. And imagine their consternation at how vocal this bird was when his shrill song reached their ears:

“Yes, I have lived here for thirteen years committed to working for this country that is so challenged…”

“Yes, Ghana is a success story when compared to her neighbours…civil society institutions are strong and peace prevails, but oh the poverty.”

Yes, Ghana is a resource based economy like Canada, but the wealth does not reach the people. If only there was the political will to promote tourism, like in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and The Gambia.”

“Yes, Ghana is a fascinating land and I hope that one day you’ll fly back and stay at Four Villages Inn, Kumasi.”

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