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Most significantly, Amanda was born and bred in Kumasi. The Child’s Right’s Club is her idea and through her initiative and energy, the club visited a nearby village and listened to the children and responded.

The idea didn’t come from outside: the resources didn’t come from outside.

Not like Rotary! Our local club has just finished a ‘goat project’. IT FAILED! Miserably! The initiative came from a club in Australia and we, the Rotary Club of Kumasi East, were the local agents.

Anyways…our club followed the plan…building pens and a bungalow, buying goats, a generator, and water pump, as well as organizing people to care for the goats etc

Recently, club members went to Bosomponso to pass the project over to the local chief and his people.

Here’s how the project is reflected in the minutes-and remember that oft quoted description “Rotary is not a secret society”:

January 9th Minutes: *Projects: Bosompunso, Isaac and Emma briefed members on their last visit to the
project site before Handing over on 15th January 2013. Isaac started on
a very sad note, He told members 24 out of the 32 GOATS are no more
due to certain “Goat Disease”
– SO1 in response to their report said, the Vertinary Officer in charge of the
District should have been alerted when the disease surfaced.
– Charles suggested the club should go ahead and Handover with the 8 GOATS,
which members agreed with him.
-Emma said he had photographs of the 32 GOATS in the Pen which will help in
the final report. He was tasked by the club to produce 3 sign post for the project.
-8 members namely Akwasi, Richard, Charles, Isaac, Solo, Oye, SO1 & Marilyn
agreed to make the trip, they are supposed to meet at Golden Tulip Hotel on Tuesday
15th January 2013 at 9:30am to be conveyed by rented mini bus.

January 16th Minutes: Projects: On Bosompunso, the Goat Project was handed over to the community on Tuesday 15th January 2013 . Members who made the trip to Bosompunso were Rtns. Akwasi,
Solo, Marilyn, Isaac, Richard, Charles Emma and Prosp. Rosemond.
Rtn. Richard reported on the handing over, He told members how the 32 Goats bought
for the community reduced to 8 Goats due to so- called “Goats Disease”. Pres. Akwasi
advised them to take good care of 8 remaining Goats, put the Pen and the uncompleted
building to very good use. On our way to Bosompunso, we passed by partner Jim’s place,
who promise to handover the Generator and Water Pump to the club by the weekend.
– Acting Chair advised members to learn lesson from the Bosompunso project, he said
the club should not subject to projects from foreign partners without the consent of the
local people. He concluded by saying the club should be ready to send the final report.
-my bold Four Villages said he would like to see the final report, before it is sent, he added the
final report should capture the true picture of what transpired.

PLEASE NOTE THAT IT WAS LATER DISCOVERED THAT THE GOATS WERE CHOPPED!…guess what that means….The eight remaining goats are free ranging now-I think that is the term.

In response to this project disaster, one of our members sent this TED TALK to our membership…

Fellow Rotarians,
There is a part of the minutes i find interesting. maybe we should really pay attention to it..

” Acting Chair advised members to learn lesson from the Bosompunso project, he said
the club should not be (sic) subject to projects from foreign partners without the consent of the
local people”

Ernesto Sirolli is an authority in sustainable economic development. He got his start doing aid work in Africa in the 70’s …here is a link to his funny and instructive speech on what to do when trying to help communities…

just copy and paste the link into your browser, sit back with chilled wine in hand (or Coke if you are like me – :)) and enjoy.

Yours in Rotary


so, now hopefully our club will follow “a new direction”

gee, I think I’ll invite Amanda to come and talk to our club about her club…..

Please note we are all devastated by this turn of events…it truly must be a learning experience for us all.

And if any of my fellow Rotarians feel that this post is a betrayal……I just want to bring the lesson home, just like my fellow Rotarian who shared the TED TALK.

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