madinghana.wordpress up for blogging prize

Posted on January 22, 2013



Yes, Blogging Ghana has informed me that this blog is up for a prize in the Business Blogs category. Sure would have liked to have been nominated in the Best Activist Blog or the Best Citizen Journalist categories…

Only thing though is I’m listed ‘madeinghana’. Oops, now there’s a Freudian slip if there ever was one…..what’s made in Ghana?

Well, for one thing, Four Villages Inn Meats…for ten years run by our son Frank Scott and then three years before that run by Charity and I -we started the business in 1999 when we first made our homecoming.

Forever I’ve been suggesting to Frank to blog about his business-the stories he would tell about doing business here! But alas…too bad because his blog would be a shoe in for the best business blog.

Anyways, I better write some great posts in order to slip into the medals…na, my only criteria is “Is it the truth?”

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