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Better crank up the posts to stand a chance at the Blogging Ghana prize for best business blog!

Too bad it’s not for unique business blog…how many businesses take down the sign in front of their premises on principle? And how many businesses put up a marker to identify a neighbouring business. Well, FOUR VILLAGES INN does! We consider it our social responsibility to support other businesses nearby……hee,hee

If you’ve followed this blog, you’ll know that The Point is the illegal, unauthorized apeteshie (moonshine) bar located behind us on no-man’s land on the next plot. You’ll know that for years I have been petitioning local municipal authorities to take action and rid our first class residential zone of this eyesore and source of noise pollution. You’ll know that I successfully petitioned the Electricity Corporation of Ghana to cut their connection. You’ll know that a supposed thief was murdered there. And you’ll know that it is still there!

Really, figuratively, you’ll know that the point is that the public service does NOT support private sector business. Take for example tourism. Right now Philip Briggs is preparing to come to Ghana to further update the upcoming 6th edition of the definitive Bradt Guide to Ghana. He’s started a Facebook discussion on the difficulty of procuring a short term tourist visa or a VOA (visa on arrival).Check it out on

Then on the local level, there’s that advertising fee for signboards on your very own property and the huge increase in the K.M.A. 2013 Business Operating License. In one year, Four Villages Inn’s license fee jumped from GH C 250 to GH C 450. And this was after a meeting of the Ghana Hotels Association executive and the KMA Financial Committee when it was agreed that the increase would be minimal given the difficulties businesses in Kumasi were facing.

Oh, I could go on….

Anyways, I’d like to surmise that the real point is if people allow authority to bully them, then they will be bullied….

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