No political will to develop tourism: theory no. 2

Posted on January 30, 2013


This article appeared on the Tourism in Ghana Facebook page that does a wonderful job celebrating tourism from around the world, but woefully, hardly mentions Ghana at all. Why don’t ya join it and see what I’m talking about!

As for the article, here’s the significant part:

Africa (+6%) recovered well from its setback in 2011 when arrivals declined by 1% due largely to the negative results of North Africa. Arrivals reached a new record (52 million) due to the rebound in North Africa (+9% as compared to a 9% decline in 2011) and to the continued growth of Sub-Saharan destinations (+5%).

This is the basis of my second theory. Tourism not only requires large capital outlay, but the gains, if any, are gradual and only achieved through hard work.

There is nothing ‘get rich quick’ about tourism for an individual or for a country.

Thus the lack of political will here where politicians have been conditioned to instant wealth for national coffers without too much national effort nor expenditure. I refer specifically to the resource sector and, of course, aid.