No political will to develop tourism: theory no 3

Posted on February 19, 2013


This theory is fact. It has been alluded to countless times throughout this blog. Ghana’s economy is based on its rich natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable. Tourism though relies on human resources, that is the Ghanaian people generating wealth in the service sector.
Recently, this was highlighted by the mysterious arrival of 1.5 tonnes of gold bars at Ataturk Airport in Turkey, without proper documentation. When the story broke the highly skeptical explanation was “the gold on board the plane were alleged to have been Ghanaian “commitments” to the Islamic Republic of Iran in gold.”

Following this statement the Danquah Institute here in Ghana issued the following:

“We are aware of the use of Ghana’s cocoa as collateral for the construction of the Bui hydroelectric dam. We are also well aware of the use of Ghana’s oil as collateral for the $3 billion loan from the China Development Bank.”

So there it all is in a nutshell, Ghana’s dependence on resources to pay her debts.

Tourism though requires spending money to make money and the government has NEVER supported the sector. Now things are so bad that the government has just passed a law instituting a 1% tourism tax to pay for tourism infrastructure refurbishment and development…to be paid by the one-time tourist, not the Ghanaian tourism industry that stands to benefit from the improvements over time.