No political will to develop tourism: theory no. 4

Posted on February 20, 2013


Yes, the Ministry of Tourism is underfunded. Even this year Ghana was NOT represented at the World Travel Market held in London every November. World Travel Market just happens to be the leading global event for the travel industry, and Ghana over the years has usually been there. BUT THIS YEAR GHANA DID NOT GO!

But maybe this decision had something to do with the timing of the 2012 election cycle here in Ghana. Ya see the reigning Minister of Tourism failed to win her primary and knowing she was on the way out, the powers that be said to themselves, “Hey we aren’t going to pay for this lady to lead the team if she won’t be a future member of the team.”

Then again, neither were we represented at the other big travel fair THE NEW YORK TIMES TRAVEL FAIR and this took place before the political woes of the incumbent minister. In fact I don’t think we’ve ever been there. Note-even Libya was there this year!

Yes, there probably was just no money left in the coffers of the Ministry of Tourism. At the recent vetting of the minister of tourism designate, she repeatedly requested an increase in the budget.