Posted on March 7, 2013



Last night was special. Two guests staying at the inn held a dinner party for six of their colleagues based here in Kumasi working on a sanitation project turning human waste into biogas. Now this is important to the future of Ghana addressing both energy needs and health issues.

Near the end of the meal, I peaked around the corner from the kitchen to greet everyone, introduce myself to the dinner guests, and ask if all was fine.

Well, did I ever have a pleasant surprise! They are readers, readers of this blog. I was taken aback. I can’t remember meeting a reader face to face at least not here In Kumasi. First mentioned they knew how to find us looking for the Four Villages Inn slab pictured here and talked about why there was no signboard. Next mentioned was the latest post in the series No Political Will to Develop Tourism. They mentioned this in context with their recent trip to Mole. They were affected by plane cancellations to Tamale because of the shortage of airline fuel both ways! Third they expressed agreement on my idea that VAT should be added to the fee/rate paid.

Now you know that my view of life and business as expressed in this blog is somewhat cynical given the immense unrealized potential that this country has. Well, one guest expressed that she was “cautiously optimistic” She talked about how life in the U.S. was harrowing fifty years and more after independence. Another perspective was Ghana represented a precursor to what will happen in the U.S. as services and institutions crumble. I left it at that thanking her for her perspectives.

Later, in our little house in the back, I saw son Frank and told him about the conversation and the cautiously optimistic comment. His take on it was something to the effect that ” the U.S. developed their own way of life. Here everything is imported and that’s the difference.”

A right chip off the ole block….we have not given up tough and never will. WE ARE HERE TRYING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE (MAD) while getting mad, i.e. angry, from time to time-to stay sane-of course.

Happy day after Independence Day. Off to the Ghana Hotels Association regular monthly meeting which I am sure will provide material for the next post in the NO POLITICAL WILL TO DEVELOP TOURISM series!