Posted on March 11, 2013


This article “Which African cities will see the most growth over the next five years?” appeared on the How we made it in Africa Insight into doing business in Africa website out of South Africa no less. The article is subtitled “Companies looking to expand into Africa should seriously consider setting up shop in Accra, Lusaka and Luanda”.

Accra no less tops the list of 19 cities in the survey carried out by Mastercard, again no less. You can read it here, but I’ve copied and pasted the paragraph relevant to Accra below.

“He said that the reasons for the Ghanaian capital Accra’s high ranking is because of its GDP per capita growth in recent years, its projected consumption growth, a strong regulatory environment, and the relative ease of doing business compared to other African cities.”

First, a few general observations….on the first no less…South Africa is a BRICS country which is making big in-roads in Ghana in the retail and mining sectors. Of course they are going to celebrate Ghana’s GDP growth-they are the ones getting rich…

on the second no less Mastercard has had little or no presence here in Ghana-but now with Ghana’s oil coming on-line of course they will show up….

but the biggest general observation must be never equate growth statistics with the improvement of the lives of the people ingenious to a nation. it just ain’t so!

and gawd, regarding the Accra no less-here we go again. Why aren’t countries rated or surveyed. Oh, I know they are, but it seems that it’s cities more often than not. Just recently Accra featured in a tourism statistic NOT GHANA! and now Accra again is featured in a doing business statistic, NOT GHANA.

And once again the irony is if anybody is going to be a tourist or do business, they best get out of Accra a.s.a.p. Accra is plagued by traffic jams -in fact the whole city is one jam from morning to night. Then there are the power cuts and water shortages, not to mention the urban poverty that exists side by side with the decadent opulence of foreign business. And then take into consideration the air and noise pollution and add in the hectic grind of everyone scrambling for their piece of the national wealth concentrated in the nation’s capital and you have a recipe for chaos. Oops, almost forgot that Accra, once the most expensive city in Africa according to the Mercer Index, probably will regain that ignominious distinction from Luanda soon…..

In actual fact, to conclude, Accra is a country and an unpleasant one at that, not like Ghana at alllllllll.

Come to Ghana but invest in Ghana outside Accra! Too much of Ghana’s wealth is concentrated there now!