Posted on March 16, 2013



Well, if the first letter doesn’t work, let’s hope this one will…

But think about it…more often than not I do not know these people from the proverbial hole in the wall…Gawd, I could be inviting in a sex tourist, a cocaine dealer, an arms dealer and/or a child slaver for all I know….just because they have made a booking at FOUR VILLAGES INN…’much much more than just a place to stay’

Most tourists do NOT know anybody here in Ghana, so we hoteliers have to stick out our necks so the regulation is followed.

As one Ghanaian involved in the sector remarked on seeing the first post GOD BLESS YOUR HOMELAND GHANA: acquiring a tourist visa to Ghana:

“this is absolutely crazy! who is advising our embassies. Most of the requests are coming from the consulate in New York. I will write an open letter.”

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