No Political Will to Promote Tourism in Ghana: Theory 9

Posted on March 23, 2013



Subtitle: A quickie

This post is prompted by something that happened while Four Villages was on tour with guests visiting Boabeng FIEMA Monkey Sanctuary in Brong Ahafo Region. Much to my surprise two huge VIP buses showed up chalk full of Ghanaian students from the Nursing and Midwives college in Kumasi. Wow, thought I, this is domestic tourism and I told our expat visitors that Ghana is counting a lot on the development of domestic tourism with her growing middle class.

Well, they left, left without experiencing the marvels of this wonderful ecotourism site that has won the National award for attraction of the year, left after travelling all the way there over challenging roads, especially for the monster buses they came in.

Why? The monkeys were there doing their stuff…hmm must have been the price of admission. My foreign guests had paid GH C10 each. Ghanains pay approximately half at all sites and students even less.

I saw the subdued head guide looking perplexed at the detailed rate schedule when I left.

Still we must have hope in our most precious natural resource, the beauty of the people and the country itself….and I’m not talking about the Hope City project….

A quickie? The post and of course the students visit to one of Ghana’s premier tourist attractions.

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