No political will to develop tourism: an affirmation

Posted on April 15, 2013



Last week I attended a workshop given to introduce a hotel training school right here in Kumasi. I attended with fellow Ashanti branch Ghana Hotels Association members. How impressed we were with the facility, truly state of the art.

During our tour of the premises, we were taken to the herbarium where we saw the wide variety of spices and trees growing in our environs.

So our guide stops at this dead tree with a young shoot growing out the top and he says (much to my consternation) “this is Ghana’s dead tourism industry.” He then repeated himself and then a couple of my fellow hotel owners/managers asked, “What do you mean, dead tourism?

The guy hummed and hawed and said, “I mean it faces a lot of challenges.” And he then repeated himself..

I guess when he sees year after year personnel working in the Ghanaian tourism sector receiving no training, it can only mean standards drop and the industry suffers….. I guess he believes that his establishment represents hope, the young shoot.

Best of luck to the German NGO that is behind this hotel training school, a monumental effort to be sure. It’s a first in Ghana, an actual training school combined with a hotel with 12 modern self contained rooms, a bar, restaurant (modern and traditional) and conference rooms…as well as CLASSROOMS!

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