Posted on April 27, 2013


….who cares how he gained office…but that’s the subject of another post

A perennial subject of this blog is local governance and the issue usually is the proliferation of signs in this once beautiful city and the charging for signboards to locate your business on your property saying that its advertising.

Yes, how Kumasi has been uglified (no such word but what the hell) by signboards, banners etc since the early 70’s when I first came here. Today Kumasi has become ‘THE SIGN CITY OF WEST AFRICA’, no longer ‘THE GARDEN CITY OF WEST AFRICA’. And yes, one signboard in front of your business attracts a yearly advertising fee-that increases dramatically each year.

Well, our new mayor is starting to take action against illegal signboards.

Yeah! Not the Four Villages Inn sign in front of Four Villages Inn though. We took down it down and replaced it with a slab of concrete!

Good luck Mr. Mayor!

Kojo Bonsu, KMA Chief Executive

Kojo Bonsu, KMA Chief Executive