Posted on May 2, 2013


Picking up from the last comment on the madinghana blog, Ian’s comment, on this blog:

“When a yam doesn’t grow well, we don’t blame it; it is because of the soil.”

This comment was made in response to my observation on how Ghanaians overseas “shine, shine shine”.

Anyways to continue, I share here a wonderful article entitled A Case for Kumasi International Airport that I found through Google News Kumasi that appeared on the Ghanaweb website. Does the writer, living in Texas, ever make a strong argument for locating Ghana’s second international airport at Kumasi!

Here’s my comment with the title MAKES SENSE:

“Cogent writing! check out scrap short-term visas to ghana Facebook group where I mention Ningo project
and I address the issue on madinghana dot wordpress blog where I will paste a link to this wonderful article….
you’re in Texas? Pity!”

One of the comments following the article caught my eye:

“A good case on decentralization. I suggest you push this to the attention of the people at the top.
To all those making noise and heaping insults, I’ll say grow up and stop your narrow-minded nonsense. The guy is making a good case for the development of Mother Ghana. He made no mention of tribe or anything else and if, you read carefully, you’ll know that, his main emphasis is on decentralization.”

and my response to this comment with the title SUPPORT:

“well stated! I will share the article with the K.M.A. to start with”

Here is madinghana’s last post on the issue of where to locate Ghana’s second international airport dated June 21, 2012 entitled “TAMALE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: KUMASI BYPASSED” The decentralization argument is highlighted.