Posted on May 25, 2013


On May 1 Workers’ Day, I started a FB Group and a Change.Org petition called SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA. Here’s the blog post!

I chickened out sending the group link to the G.I.S., but they know…as I’ve heard from two independent sources that it has caused a stir to put it mildly. Well, I didn’t actually chicken out. I just held off thinking, “Hey, better let some content build up”…and did the ideas and stories ever come in….

Thursday, I attended the opening of PRECEVID (The Presbyterian Centre for Vocational Instructor’ Development) which has been established as a centre of excellence to address the human resource need in the hospitality industry. And that it is! State of the art facilities to train professional housekeepers, front office staff, cooks, waiters and waitresses for the hotels.

In short, it’s all about work: it’s all about jobs for young people. 70% of the Ghanaian population is 25 or below. They need a future and tourism is a big time employer-you know what I saying. At this opening there were lots of kids and I thought, “Where are they all going to fit in.” One of the dignitaries said something to the effect that if all youth had the chance to go to abrokyire, that is overseas, there wouldn’t be anybody left. He continued, “That is what this place is all about. Giving hope to the younger generation to stay here in Ghana.”

Well, I had the pleasure to meet Andrew again. he was featured in the post affirming my belief that there is no political will to develop tourism. It came at the end of the series of posts presenting theories on why there is no political will. I haven’t posted any more theories since then although there are lots circulating in my mind.

In the back of my mind was the one that civil society is mute here on the deteriorating state of tourism…I refer specifically to GHATOF that federation of Ghana tourist organizations. So instead of theorizing, I got to work and became a one man civil society hee hee.

Anyways, back to the training school, here’s what it says in their brochure:


Service in the hospitality industry in Ghana is generally poor.
This is because we lack the requisite skilled personnel to perform the roles to the approved standards.
The Presbyterian Centre for Vocational Instructors’ Development (PRECEVID) has been set established as a centre of excellence to train trainers and instructors for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions as well as service providers in the hospitality industry. The concept is to train the trainer from whom the learning experience starts with.
Rosewood Cottage Hotel is the hospitality training facility for PRECEVID.
It is established to offer Competency-Based training (CBT) for personnel in the hospitality industry.”

Here’s Andrew and I at the opening, so very hopeful…if the tourists start coming….
photo (27)

ATTENTION: The centre needs a qualified chef. Contact: rosewood@precevid.org

and this is where I want to sleep when I go to Rosewood Cottage Hotel for training…so hopefully I can train my fellow members of the Ghana Hotels Association, Ashanti Branch. ….after all I once was a teacher trainer here in Ashanti from 1973 to 1979…

and lastly….just to bring this post back to SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA..did you know that Kofi Annan returned to Ghana in 1974 after his masters to work in tourism development and promotion. He soon left Ghana and as they say the rest is history. Ghana’s loss was the world’s gain…a scenario so often played out today.
Anyways, wouldn’t it be great if Kofi Annan returned to Ghana and picked up wherever he left off. I am sure he would join our scrappers group and sign the petition…we are an Intervention!