Posted on May 29, 2013


Kojo Bonsu, KMA Chief Executive

Kojo Bonsu, KMA Chief Executive

Yes, Kumasi is in need of rebranding. This article appeared on the good ole Ghanaweb news site.

Here’s my comment following the article:

“oh good, a million trees covered up by a million more signs! here’s the rule in Kumasi-see a patch of green, cover it with a sign!”

Check out this blog on how many references there are to our Garden City turning into Sign City..and now an inordinate number of signs advertise, not businesses, but religious conferences, services, break out sessions, explosions…you name it!

Everywhere! Nobody has to go very far in Kumasi to be offered redemption and saving…Me? How far do I have to go to see a sign covering a patch of green, not to be saved?

Just outside Four Villages Inn, and just before ENAS HYBRID SCHOOL, there’s a patch of green…and yes, just the other day it was covered up by a religious signboard.

a patch of green?

a patch of green?