Posted on July 5, 2013


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Here’s me after just receiving all the rigmarole to collect the 1% Tourism Tax on behalf of the Ghana Tourism Authority according to law whatever….

It’s a great move, but it targets the wrong people. According to the law,tourists are required to pay the one percent. Well, at Four Villages Inn, we are going to break the law and pay it on behalf of our guests. Why should tourists pay an extra tax for tourism development when they are here for such a short period of time once. In other African countries where this tax has been implemented, it is the hospitality service provider that pays the levy. In Kenya, the Catering and Tourism Development Levy Trustees have instituted a 2% scheme In South Africa revenues from the scheme are used solely for marketing South Africa! And what’s more contributing to the fund is on a voluntary basis! A business chooses to participate in the scheme and once registered it collects from the customer. In return, the establishment gets reductions on participation in tourism fairs, workshops etc. Watch this YouTube presentation on the scheme. WOW! Now

And look at the job they have done in South Africa! If I have one dream, it would to see Ghana marketed on CNN as it should be. There were plans, big plans, being forwarded by powerful individuals here in Ghana, but alas nothing has come of them. Read this article…it makes me cringe…especially the linking of tourism to the oil industry and investment promotion. At the time, I commented on the format….

take out an ad as well as documentary
For maximum exposure, Ghana should take out an ad like other countries instead of CNN making a one-off documentary. The government should spend some money to show their commitment to tourism.
chris scott, kumasi on Jan 29, 2012 at 9:47pm

and asibi in Accra feels the same way:

wrong move
Documentary, why a documentary? and why should CNN produce it, what we need is the platform and not their technical expertise, there are highly rated production houses here which can produce effective infomercials . Duration, maximum one minute, Pls talk to the expertise here in Ghana , CNN is not a production company, their core competence is news, we don’t need CNN to tell our story for us, we know our story better, we just need their medium. I think a similar thing was done prior to the nation cup.
asibi, accra on Jan 26, 2012 at 10:20pm

Please note Four Villages Inn does not pay tourists’ 15% VAT. Our rates are VAT exclusive, Tourism levy inclusive! We add the value, tourists pay the tax. We pay the Tourism Levy and will try to ensure they are wisely spent.