AUGUST 29, 2013: V day in Ghana

Posted on August 29, 2013


Actually I’d like to call today VG day in Ghana! Here’s what I posted on my Facebook page:

“Christopher Scott: August 29, 2013, Europe had VE Day, Victory in Europe, Asia had VJ Day, Victory in Japan, Africa will have VG Day, Victory in continue the metaphor today will be our finest hour.”

Then my TOP POSTS for this blog caught my eye, and there at the top was:

and then on my Christopher Scott facebook page I posted this:

“Christopher Scott: August 29, 2013: Saying goodbye to Katie Kurz, guest of Four Villages Inn, Kumasi and Jessie Aboagye, co-owner of EasyTrack Ghana, “Safe journey and I’ve never meant it more!”
photo (86)

Now, down to more serious stuff-if you’ve got this far- this also appeared in the international press:

So, the basic premise is tourism does not always lead to development…of course tourism can be sabotaged by crisis…look at Africa: Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Kenya (at times in certain areas) Egypt, Zimbabwe!

But Ghana, no peaceful Ghana is noted for its political stability and the hospitality of its people. Ghana in fact has so much tourism potential. Now at no. 3 in foreign exchange earnings, that is the third largest export, tourism could very well become the top engine of growth and development for the nation. In this regard, I googled “Ghana tourism potential number 1 fx earner”and this article from June , 2003 came up on the Ghana web. It is by written tourism columnist, friend, and SCRAP FB friend, Richard Kwame Debrah. I have culled the following quote to prove Ghana tourism has NOT reached its potential identified years ago:

“It is important to note that tourism is hailed in Ghana as the most promising sector of the national economy, currently number three and expected to become number one and the main foreign exchange earner for the country by the year 2010 due to the ever-increasing rate of international arrivals. Ghana’s tourism growth rate is between 12 % – 19 % per annum according to the Ghana Tourist Board .It therefore deserves all the attention it is being given in recent times.”

Now, if we get through today August 29, 2013, think of Ghana’s marketability. Wow, could Ghana really be branded as A BEACON OF PEACE…or something like that…

And if this country ever did SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA in tandem with all the publicity generated by a peaceful outcome to the election results challenge in the Supreme Court of Ghana, then wow again!

But, what happened between 2003 and 2013….NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING….so let’s kick-start GHANA’S TOURISM POTENTIAL launching a media blitz on Ghana’s peaceful nature in combo with SCRAPPING SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA! There should be some revenues for this from the 1% tourism levy….And YOU can part of this by joining the group and signing the CHANGE.ORG petition!