AUGUST 29, 2013: V day in Ghana: FOLLOW UP

Posted on September 2, 2013


Katie, Jesse, and me

Here’s a better picture of Katie, Jesse and me ….off they went for the day after my really sincere parting comment-here’s the previous post.

First and only stop in Kumasi for Katie and Jesse, KUMASI CENTRAL MARKET, the largest outdoor market in West Africa…remember August 29, 2013 was Supreme Court verdict day and Ghana literally came to a standstill and Katie’s pictures bear witness to that:

where have all the people gone?

where have all the people gone?

Kejetia roundabout-the heart of Kumasi, barely beating...

Kejetia roundabout-the heart of Kumasi, barely beating…

why all the closed stores?

why all the closed stores?

Kejetia block closeup

This is what political crisis can bring…business stagnation…we just experienced it for one day thanks to the maturity of the Ghanaian people. Katie and Jesse made it to Accra no sweat and Ghana was open for business the very next day!

On a personal note: in my lifetime, August 29, 2013 in Ghana ranks with:

1. the referendum in Quebec in the mid 1990s to separate from Canada. Here’s what Wikipedia says on the event: “The referendum took place in Quebec on October 30, 1995, and the motion to decide whether Quebec should secede from Canada was defeated by a very narrow margin of 50.58% “No” to 49.42% “Yes”.

2. In Canada in 2003, Canada refused to join the “Coalition of the Willing”, that is joining Great Britain and the USA, Canada’s biggest trading partner, in the invasion of Iraq. The USA and GB had decided to go it alone without U.N. backing. Upon that decision, Canada pulled out. Again here’s a quote from Wikipedia, ” Jean Chrétien, P.M. of Canada, announced in Parliament on 17 March 2003 that Canada would not participate in the pending invasion.”

(On that day I flew the Canadian flag here at Four Villages Inn, Kumasi, Ghana!)

Three times in my life I have celebrated …..and a fourth will be the success of the SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA campaign.