Posted on September 4, 2013


Well, let’s say maybe…it is a stretch, a gigantic one, but I’ll make it…All the other individuals/institutions I’ve tried to interest in the SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA have bottomed out: Kofi Annan, Kofi AnnanPaa Kwesi Nduom,paa kwesi the Ghanaian Minister of Tourism tourism minister and Hanna Tetteh, Minister of Foreign Affairs imagesto name three, so why not go out on a limb.

This is what is called a guerrilla endorsement. On our Scrap Short Term Tourist Visas to Ghana, Scrapper Festus has referred to guerrilla branding i.e. Black Stars wearing TOURISM GHANA singlet under their jerseys .And Festus has also referred to guerrilla marketing in reference to somebody posting an ad for Ray Bans synonymous with Bono :
photo (89)
Strange that…then I read that Bono is in Ghana vacationing…at verdict time….hmm. He’s in clubs and at the Coconut Grove, owned by consummate entrepreneur, capitalist and presidential candidate, Paa Kwesi Nduom..

Bono and friends @ Coconut Grove Beach Resort, Elmina

Bono and friends @ Coconut Grove Beach Resort, Elmina

He’s spending money, like a tourist..not visiting orphanages, agricultural projects, hospital wards..

Ya see, I wouldn’t do all this speculating if Bono hadn’t undergone a dramatic change of late. Ya see, the great champion of aid as the model to development has thrown in the towel and now, smart guy-if these people only lived here- has changed his position and is now heralding business, “capitalism” as the way to change.

So why is Bono in Ghana at verdict time. Surely he was told there was the possibility of violence on the streets following the Supreme Court’s verdict on the opposition’s challenge of the December 2012 election results. Well, no violence broke out, all was calm, really calm, the whole country came to a standstill..

Now, to continue my line of reasoning, there is a correlation between aid and corruption, that is the more aid a country receives the more likely corruption levels will be high, and between aid and political election violence, that is the more aid a country receives the more likely a country will experience election violence. Well, I bet Bono’s sigh of relief matched that the whole country of Ghana (na).

Now when the Ray Ban ad appeared on the Scrap Short Term Tourist Visas to Ghana FB group page, my imagination started to run away with me.

If only….it makes sense Bono’s endorsement, and Kofi’s, Paa’s, the Minister of Tourism’s and Hanna’s. But alas, Scrappers, carry on campaigning. We do need a high-profile endorsement…maybe Bono will see this…and sue me, hee, hee…