Posted on September 11, 2013


Poverty quote

Meet Ghana’s Roland Agambire founder, Chairman and CEO of Ghana and Dubai-based AGAMS Holdings. He made this quote to Forbes magazine. Readers of Forbes might fall for this, even they may find the quote reassuring perhaps consoling as they wallow in their fortunes, but not me! I’ve never heard of the guy, but what I gathered from the article and the preceding some critically hostile, others fawning comments he doesn’t live here, i.e. he is far from the poverty in Ghana and when he’s in Ghana he’s apparently around the ministries looking for contracts…

Anyways I tweeted on @visafreeghana

chris scott ‏@madinghana 1h
@visafreeghana “Poverty is a perception.” Ghanaian Roland Agambire in Forbes magazine. I perceive poverty resulting from misguided policy.

And of course, the big ‘C’ word which has been associated with Agambire…

Of course, you know what I am referring to…acquiring tourist visas to Ghana, which often a high hassle, time-consuming ordeal, projects a negative image of wonderful hospitable Ghana.

…and it is starting to negatively impact Ghana tourism as Ghana gradually starts getting “just tourists”, not people coming here V.F.F. (visiting friends and family)or with an N.G.O. volunteering. Travelers like the latter have people here in Ghana and they have friends or family or N.G.O. in-country representatives to write letters of invitation for them…first step in reforming tourist visa regulations, get rid of the letters of invitation!

But I’m off my main point..poverty is not a perception-it is a reality…you can cut it with a knife. It’s all the time, from the first breath to the dying sigh, and it’s everywhere, from the village hovels to city slums. But that does not mean people live in shame and without dignity….on the contrary Ghanaians are a highly spirited, joyful people who deserve more, more economic opportunity here in Ghana , not fleeing to aborkyire i.e. overseas.

Success can come here….and poverty can be reduced both urban and rural if the conditions are right…and let me tell you they are right for Ghana NOW what with the peaceful aftermath of the recent supreme court decision. And if the visa regulations are right, tourism, the no.3 earner of foreign exchange, the “silent export” can take off…SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA. JOIN US ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER. SPREAD THE WORD.


And corruption aside