Posted on September 12, 2013


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The metaphor ‘Scratching the Ground’ comes from Nana Awere Damoah’s recently published collection of essays I SPEAK OF GHANA that is now available on kindle. Scratching the ground refers to the youth of Ghana who are causing loss of wealth to their generation by sitting on inert ideas, bottled-up potential energy, so disillusioned they live life without any energy.

Now the biggest financial asset a country has is TIME and in Ghana it is being flitted away. Proof positive of this was report in the Ghana news that Ghana has lost 11 places on the global competitiveness report. Yes, the country has gone down 11 places from 103rd position in 2012 to the 114th place in the latest global business competitiveness index released by the World Economic Forum. Ugh….

Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Nii Lamptey Vanderpuye

Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Nii Lamptey Vanderpuye

Now here’s the remedy: Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Nii Lamptey Vanderpuye, told Joy Business a means of improving Ghana’s business environment would be to improve “the processes people go through in clearing their goods from the ports.”

Want my assessment…again I’ll use that lovely Dambisa Moyo’s word ‘FECKLESS’ to describe policy making in Africa.

The focus should be on exports to create wealth and to boost Ghana’s business competitiveness, exports like tourism…like policy change in tourism as the SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA Facebook Group campaign argues.

And getting back to Ghana’s youth…do you really think they are engaged…sorry to say, most of them just want to leave Ghana to greener pastures…and do they have the communication skills to argue and present positions…even a platform. Tell me I am wrong! Please…