Posted on October 9, 2013


Istanbul rotary

While in Istanbul, I attended the Rotary Club of Istanbul…an all men’s affair! The meeting took place at the venerable Hilton International. It was within walking distance of Taksim Square near where I stayed at Peradays Guest House, the no. 1 guest house on the TRIP ADVISOR SITE for Istanbul as Four Villages Inn is for Kumasi…

What’s more the Hilton figured in the plot of Orhan Pamuk’s THE MUSEUM OF INNOCENCE, the main reason I visited Istanbul. You see Pamuk created a museum based on his book. Imagine life imitating art…

Anyways, getting back to the Rotary meeting…as I sat down and introduced myself to my table, one gentleman, on hearing that I was from Ghana, said, “Ghana, didn’t that country have one of the highest growth rates in the world, 20%!”

I retorted immediately that it was a myth..that it reflected natural resources only, and that it made no difference to the people, that poverty was still rife and none of the wealth trickled down to the people, being controlled centrally by the elite.

Well this article written by David Smith, the Guardian’s Africa correspondent, confirms my explosion!