Posted on October 14, 2013



Here is the blurb that follows the graphic above:

Africa’s recent economic surge is fueling optimism about the continent’s prospects and positioning it in the minds of many investors and businesses as a significant opportunity.

Blessed with a wealth of natural resources and a large, young and growing population, many economies in Africa are enjoying rates of growth and development that are the envy of the emerging world.

While sections of the continent still face steep challenges, Ghana is well placed to benefit from the forces of beneficial change in the region.

Strong and sustained growth in recent years – with the country benefiting from high global commodity prices and continued political stability
A youthful and better educated workforce, with half of the population under 20
The emergence of a new generation of tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Ghana has one of the most developed telecommunications sectors in Africa, with mobile phone penetration surpassing the 100% barrier
A concerted effort by the government to attract foreign investment and improve ease of doing business
However, Ghana faces serious challenges too. Its economy remains vulnerable to external factors—in particular the risk of a slowdown in China, the global commodity cycle and high inflation.

The Ghana Summit will openly explore the risks and opportunities—tensions and compromises—that are facing this thriving global African economy. It will bring together over 150 leaders from government, business and finance who are invested or otherwise interested in Ghana’s future. Register your interest today.

First, this upcoming Ghana Summit reminds me of the presidential debates held in the lead-up to the December, 2012 Ghanaian election.NOT ONE MENTION OF TOURISM. Did you click on the “Register your interest today” You might have noticed on that link the closest thing to tourism is….food!

Well, a lot of time has passed since December, 2012. Now in October, 2013, an international dialogue on VISA FACILITATION AND SIMPLIFICATION at the ILO (International Labour Organization) and at the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) has been gaining strength ….but still the Ghana Summit has no direct reference to tourism as an investment or business opportunity…

Check the invited speakers list….check the agenda….
The closest Ghanaian speaker to the tourism sector is Hanna Tetteh, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, who has directly communicated to the SCRAP CAMPAIGN that scrapping short term tourist visas to Ghana is NOT an option at this time…no reason why? just not on the table….There’s NOBODY representing Ghana’s private tourism sector, not from the government departments, not from the associations, not from the industry practitioners and their suppliers-all the people on the ground…because that’s what’s tourism is PEOPLE!
veg lady
WOULDN’T IT HAVE BEEN APPROPRIATE TO INVITE THE MINISTER OF TOURISM, CULTURE AND CREATIVE ARTS Elizabeth Ofosu-Agyare given the fact that tourism is THE THIRD MAJOR EMPLOYER AND THE THIRD LARGEST EXPORT IN GHANA! Think of all the positive spin offs tourism provides the people of Ghana…job creation, regional development, poverty reduction, infrastructure development, increased tax revenues ..I’m sure if the Economist had sponsored such a summit in Greece, their minister of tourism pictured here with the Ghanaian minister of tourism would be in attendence.
minister of tourism at UNWTO
My, tourism really is a taboo subject..Ghanaian politicians and business leaders hobnobbing with the international development set and the key sector to the economy is left off the agenda! I think the only winners will be the Movenpick Hotel that is hosting the affair and the high profile guest speakers at these ad nausium elitist talkfests.

Komla Dumor, a Ghanaian BBC Presenter, of Focus on Africa

Komla Dumor, a Ghanaian BBC Presenter, of Focus on Africa

And my, the costs of putting on such a day and a half show must be astromonical. Take a peak at the registration fees!

It is no wonder why nations fail! Rant over!