Posted on October 23, 2013


I believe this is the second such make-believe, made up conversation. The first one was between Presidents Mahama and Zuma. And again, you are heartedly invited to continue the tete a tete, the conversation….


The following is an imaginative , mythical conversation between President Mahama and First Lady Lordina…in other words, it is fiction! it did NOT happen!

Lordina: Tough day at the office, dear…sit down and tell the Lord, hee hee, all about it…

President Mahama: A tough day? Every day is tough Lordy…so many people are saying so many terrible things and it all comes back to me…”turn off the lights!” “use candles!” “if it’s too hot, get out of the kitchen!”

Lordina: Speaking of kitchens, Johnny, I just got back from up north, our ole stompin grounds, where I cut the sod for a training school…did ya see the news report? (John shakes his head)…anyways I told them to forget the catering building…

President Mahama: You what?!?! Catering is your passion. Why just the other day you were at your alma mater giving a speech at their prize giving day!

Lordina: And do you know, my president, most of those graduating students do not have jobs yet adding to the high youth unemployment numbers..

President Mahama: Lordy, Lordy, do we have to talk shop here? I’m pooped..

Lordina: But John you’re always telling the nation that all nations go through bad times and things will get better and there is hope. But you’ve got produce a blueprint, something concrete, a policy or two to create jobs..

President Mahama: Like what, my Lord? What could possibly get caterers working?

Lordina: John, I’m ashamed of you. You’re on facebook all the time and you haven’t seen the SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA campaign Facebook group page? Catering for funerals can only provide so much work John…people are living longer…we need people with more disposable income..we need tourists, more international leisure tourists, John, and Ghana’s visa regulations are too stricto. What’s more…so many African nations have dropped visas for tourists. Ghana must become competitive -look how Ghana’s slipped on that international competitive index! Scrapping tourist visas is an international trend. That new lady at the Ministry of Tourism has been getting an earful of visa facilitation and simplification at every international conference she attends.

President Mahama: Enough Lordina, I really would become Mr. Unpopularity if I pushed that! It would cause a second coup d’etat. MY OWN! Don’t our people only just think of reciprocity and retaliation when it comes to visas?’s hard for Ghanaians to go overseas, Ghana will make it hard for people to come to Ghana…

Lordina: John, listen to the Lord, announce a pilot program at the upcoming international ECONONISTS’ THE GHANA SUMMIT. The international press will be there…they’ll tout you as a risk taker, an innovator…all those buzz words…it will diffuse local reaction…and Johnny boy, go to that SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA and read the six months of will give you so many arguments to forward the policy for a better Ghana and take on Hanna at Foreign Affairs and whatever that guy’s name is at the G.I.S.

President Mahama: Oh Lordina, thank you, thank you, you are a life saver…I will be eternally grateful…

….now, my reader, your turn