Posted on October 28, 2013


The Boss Player in Rabat

I couldn’t figure out why Komla Dumor, high profile BBC presenter of Focus on Africa didn’t join the Scrap Short Term Tourist Visas to Ghana Facebook page. He’d written a commentary on the visa situation in Africa on the BBC website and had acknowledged my post on this blog with this comment:

What can I say.. It is heartbreaking to hear all that happening. Institutions do not work in our part of the world.

Then I thought, “Hell, I never invited him!”, so I did!

But still, NO KOMLA! When I mentioned this to my savey son, he just rolled his eyes and smiled, “Oh, Papa, Papa, you don’t think Komla got where he is in the BBC by taking stands on issues or backing campaigns…”

So when I saw the photo above on Franklin Cudjoe’s FB page I commented:

“Christopher Scott …and soon to come to Ghana, his motherland, to moderate THE ECONOMIST’S THE GHANA SUMMIT…but definitely a loss to Ghana’s intelligentsia and NOT a member of our civil society.”

To which Franlin replied:

Sorry Chris, Economist not for Komla…

Then when I saw this photo of Franklin and Komla, with Franklin’s heading “With the boss player in Rabat….”
Komla and Franklin

Following this there was this comment by Mikey Omane-Achamfuor:

Supporting you guys from the diaspora. Make the Motherland work, hold the fort. We’re on our way back.
October 25 at 8:49pm · Like · 1

The like is from Franklin….

So then there’s a brief exchange between Mikey and me:

Christopher Scott Mikey Omane-Achamfuor…it’s the guy on the right that’s the real campaigner on the ground…a real champion!
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Franklin Cudjoe Scott, I’m putting one of my assistants on the short term visa issues….Patrick Kwabena StephensonMawufemor Marie-reine please when I come in next week. Please remind me…
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Mikey Omane-Achamfuor Christopher Scott, don’t discount the contribution of the man on the left. The media and Hollywood in America have shaped the culture of America for generations.

Christopher Scott Mikey Omane-Achamfuor we are not talking about shaping’s policy change that moves “our way back’. I love Komla’s success, but he is not engaged like Ghana’s Franklin Cudjoe!

Mikey Omane-Achamfuor Policies are meaningless without an attitudinal change of the entire populace and people like Komla (with a following) have a role to play in shaping our collective mentality. The biggest problems facing us now are bad governance and corruption. Those in the Media (e.g. Anas Ameyaw) exposing corruption are helping instill discipline in the general populace but without the right governmental/ institutional discipline to enforce our laws and prosecute those investigated/exposed we won’t make any headway. I have no way of telling how policy changes are helping to achieve this. For crying out loud, our Auditors are in cahoots with the accused so how are we going to get rid of corruption? Show me a policy that will do just that. The president keeps setting up investigative committees but then fails to prosecute when culprits are identified, or indeed even publish the findings. To me, a cultural/attitudinal change is as, if not more, important as the policy changes.

So…any thoughts…is it policy or culture where change starts or both? What about the drawing an analogy between Hollywood and Ghana’s Komla and Anas Armeyaw Anas?

Whatever..Imani is taking an interest….finally. THANK YOU KOMLA…..