Posted on October 28, 2013


challenge to stability in WA

Franklin Cudjoe, founder of Imani, posted this graphic presented at the Rabat conference:

challenge to stability in WA

Here’s my comment:

Christopher Scott But what causes poor governance. I believe it is weak civil society that is the root cause of poor governance? And what causes weak civil society? Africa’s brain drain is one major cause…brains leave leaving the bullies in charge who can do as they will…
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which prompted Hans Boachie, a Diasporan Ghanaian active on the diasporan Ghanaian FB group page COMMON PURPOSE to write:

Hans Boachie Christopher Scott: I concur. You have said it all.. I believe those of us here need to rethink. I am starting a radio show soon…and that is all I will talk about. God bless your heart.
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My, I was touched, and I messaged Hans to say I sure would love to have an invite to his radio show!

Say, if lots of diasporan Ghanaians returned and joined associations, think tanks etc, i.e. civil society, then maybe Mikey’s culture would be an issue: but until then, and don’t hold your breath, it’s got to be concrete policy decisions that will make a difference….like SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA!

Big conferences pay lip service to policy change:

Komla Dumor holding court in Rabat.

Komla Dumor holding court in Rabat.

and the local press too:

…but very little changes….too few Franklin Cudjoes and Imanis to make any difference…