Posted on December 2, 2013


Over this weekend, North America has gone shopping crazy, all in the lead-up to Christmas! First, there was Black Friday, the day after the American Thanksgiving, a day of super specials. Over the past few years, it has started to be celebrated here in Canada, Black Friday that is. That’s because there was a mass exodus to the States that day which meant a lot of money leaving Canada…no longer.
black friday
Then Saturday saw SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY…I liked the fact that President Obama celebrated that day going to a small book store with his two kids.
Obama at bookstore

That sure does send out the message that small business is important in driving an economy. Charity, my wife and I operate a small business. I just don’t know if small business is valued in Ghana in the scheme of things. There is enough of it, petty trading is big time in Ghana. But no celebration….

Yes, African is open for business, only is it open for SMALL BUSINESS?

Yes, Africa is open for business, only is it open for SMALL BUSINESS?

What there isn’t a lot of in Ghana is books, except of the religious variety, so like President Obama, I too hit the bookstore over the shopping weekend!
my books

Did ya notice Ghanaian author kYEI QUARTEY’S WIFE OF THE GODS???? Just to let you know that Kyei, a former guest of FOUR VILLAGES INN, has a new book out MURDER AT CAPE THREE POINTS!

…and you can order it today, it being cyber Monday, an on-line shopping bonanza day.

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